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more game to decide who reigns as the champions. argentina and germany face off in rio de janeiro, a game billed as a clash between the best team, germany, against the player, argentina's lionel messi. jeremy has a -- germany has a better record but lionel messi is a leading scorer. we have to bring in jessica taff. this will be a class game. >> absolutely. lionel messi versus the machine. it will be the third time the teams came together for a world cup final. germany won the last meeting. a win on sunday means more than lifting a trophy, it's a victory that could lift a nation. >> they are two different teams that took just as difficult ermgent paths to get to the world cup final in brazil. germany embarrassed the host country, blowing them out 7-1, handling them a first world cup loss on home soil. argentina arrived on a winning and a prayer courtesy of a penalty shoot-out win giving them the edge in a 0-0 draw over the netherlands. it doesn't matter how you get to the time. history cares about the result. one game will determine how a team or player is remembered. the weight o
about the news out of germany where the cia station chief has been thrown out of the country by the german government. how unusual is it for a station chief in an allied country to be expelled? >> a couple of points. this sort of thing happens from time to time in the world of espionage. so it is not strikingly unusual. it has happened before. second, i am sure we will get through this. germany and the u.s. are about as close when it comes to allies as you can get and -- >> this is pretty serious. >> it always seemed serious in the moment. we have gotten through this sort of thing before. we share too many interest to let this be a permanent obstacle to our engagement. why do countries do this? >> why do we have to spy on our allies? >> why do they spy on us? because even allies do not share every single interest that you have. that is a law of nature in the international system. and they will tell you most of what you need to know but there may be some things they do not tell you that you would need to know in order to formulate your policy as wisely as you can. i recall whe
in sweden for a diplomatic assignment in hungry, which was an allied not see germany. his assignment was a result of a save thent of oss to remaining hungarian jews from the holocaust. effort, mr. raoul wallenberg exceeded beyond all reasonable expectations. he provided swedish passports to thousands of jews. it literally made the difference between life and death. raise thewallenberg and protected by diplomatic immunity. within these buildings, he housed, protective, and say almost 10,000 precious lives. g's braveryallenberg;' and will to act as an example to all of us. raoul wallenberg once climbed onto the roof of a train with jews departing for auschwitz, handing protective passports through the doors admit you from guards. got dozens of those is a in a diplomatic convoy. adolf eichmann moved to kill all the remaining jews in budapest, raoul wallenberg had a threaten hungarian leaders to prosecute him for war crimes. was takenenberg prisoner when the soviet army liberated budapest. hero inlook up the word the dictionary. , it tells is a person who is ,ired for great acts of brave
outdoor screens for visitors to enjoy the games. tomorrow you can watch germany and argentina play in the world cup finals live here on abc7 news. our coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. and, remember, you can catch the game on the go on your smartphone or tablet with watch abc. >>> there's much more ahead on abc7 news at 5:00. still to come, an emergency landing in the middle of nowhere. a hair harrowing trip for passengers on one jetliner that ran into trouble crossing the pacific. >> mourning the loss of the punk rock legend, tommy ramone. >> and good evening, i'm frances dinglasan. we have warmer temperatures on the way. we see some clouds off the coast. i'll let you know with the (birds chirping softly in background.) (loud engine sounds!) what! how's it going? heard you need a ride to school. oh, that's pretty cool! big day at school? i know just the thing to help you get going. power up with new cheerios protein. [shouting] >> this is breaking not of santa rosa, this video posted on youtube was taken minutes ago. it shows a group of protesters marching in support of andy lopez who
and germany will join the talks. >> secretary kerry is coming is to sit down with the iranians and gauge whether they are ready to take some of the really critical choices they're going to have to take here. >> harf said kerry will then advise president barack obama how to proceed. >>> world health organization officials say an outbreak of the ebola virus has been linked to more than 500 deaths in west africa. concern is rising that the epidemic may spread further. a w.h.o. spokesperson said in geneva on friday that there have been 888 confirmed or suspected cases and 539 deaths. the outbreak began in new guinea in march, the number of new cases there has been declining, but has been spreading in neighboring liberia early on. the aid group doctors without borders has set up an operation center in the east sierra leone where many infections has been reported. it has treated 70 patients during the past two weeks and it has double the number of beds to deal with the growing number of cases. >> normally we try to be a step before the ebola is coming to the villages, but we are completely too
always thinking things through. so when he decides on the major issues this germany first in japan second and knows if the american public wanted that with the japanese he would not affected in any shape or form. if we defeat hitler japan will fall off the branches in a few months. so it is a certain realist conversely winston churchill has merit as a soldier. and had been in wars from the century past but churchillpez did not understand war. with over 100,000 troops surrender dash singapore it never crossed his mind they did not want to fight for the british empire. possibly to fight but not to die? and then they pushed him please. there were some wonderful leaders in india not just gandhi but other men. those leaders of a democracy in churchill keeps vast numbers of british troops to keep down the indians. but of course, bush is to appoint to feel so cornered as prime minister february february 1942. and as being realistic enough into have many flaws but to have the best man he got. >> i just wonder talking about fdr's strength what are the biggest weaknesses? >> very good question. van
included recent allegations of the u.s. spying in germany and ongoing negotiations over iran's nuclear program. he talks about the situation with unaccompanied minors on the u.s. border. this is one hour. nk you for coming, everybody. our guest is representative ed royce. this is his first visit. we are grateful to him for coming this point. he is a native californian and a graduate of california state university school of business administration. his interest in politics is long-standing. he headed you for reagan in the 1976 challenge to the then president gerald ford. >> [indiscernible] >> after her brief career in the private sector, in 1982 our guest was elected to the ,alifornia state senate athoring a law that made it felony to stalk someone. he has been a member of the house foreign affairs committee since coming to congress and was named the chair in the member 2012. now onto the ever popular process portion of our program. we are on the record here. logging or tweeting and no filing of any kind while the breakfast is underway to give us time to listen to what our guest says. n
. and that loss adds insult to injury for çj[(#brazil. following the defeat of the hands of germany. germans face argentina in the championship tomorrow. that's how july reports. thanks for watching, and huckabee starts now. ♪ ♪ >>> tonight on huckabee. croisis on the board, the white house said border security is stronger than ever and patrol agents say they are overwhelmed. >> there is no way to keep up with the amount of people. >> and it is not just uncompanied children coming cross. >> you are not seeing the terrorist coming from the other country. >> the real story on who is coming to america. and rockets fired in israel and israel retaliates with air strikes. >> we will defend ourselves and we will win. >> how far will israel go to
consolation prize for the world cup. the dutch won today's third prize place. germany, argentina play tomorrow for the championship. amazing. a seven-hour marathon of "the sixties sixties" starts right now with the war in vietnam. >>> it is a mixture of pretty scenery, an ugly event. vietnam reports today of the bloodiest fighting in almost a year. >> we will not surrenderer, and we will not retreat. >> think you can win? i know we can win. >> they are being killed. >> stop this bloody aggression. >> we're in the middle. ♪ >>> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> it was just a year ago you stepped up for vietnam. there seems to be discouragement about the progress. can you give us your assessment? >> we are putting in a major effort in vietnam. as you know, we have ten or 11 times as many advisors in there as we had a year ago. so we don't see the end of the tunnel, but i must say i don't think it's darker than a year ago, in someways lighter. >> early on, kennedy made a command decision, we will not allow south vietnam to fall to the communists. >> in s
speaking at the christian science monitor. topics included recent allegations of the u.s. spying in germany and ongoing negotiations over iran's nuclear program. he talks about the situation with unaccompanied minors on the u.s. border. this is one hour. nk you for coming, everybody. our guest is representative ed royce.
place, they lost to the netherlands, 3-0. tomorrow argentina and germany play for the cup and there will be a security presence unlike brazil or any other place has ever seen. >> reporter: no one can accuse brazil of scrimping on security for soccer's biggest event. the country totaled nearly $1 billion in security costs, five times what south africa spent during the 2010 cup. come sunday, rio de janeiro may look like an occupied city. 25,000 troops, military police, firefighters, and national guardsmen are being deployed. largest ever in the city's history the state security chief told reporters it is an immense responsibility, and we are working to prevent this kind of situation. police crash often with anti-cup protestors early in the tournament. security forces used tear gas and pepper spray to break up an opening-day march before it ever got started. "this is rio's new $45 million command and control center which was modeled on counterterrorism centers in new york and around the world. the center's deputy director edval novaes demonstrated the massive video wall which
germany and argentina. for the past several weeks, these games have been quite a spectacle, fueling excitement, amazement and raw emotion. abc's bob woodruff has the latest tonight from rio de janeiro. >> reporter: brazil was never supposed to be playing today. the host country had every expectation of being in tomorrow's final. now, a showdown between soccer powerhouses argentina and germany. more than 100,000 argentinean fans are pouring into rio. ♪ most can't get tickets to the game, instead, watching from their tents and buses that they drove for four days just to get here. >> what team do you prefer to win the cup? >> reporter: u.s. >> this is utterly beyond belief. the final score line here is brazil, 1, germany, 7. >> reporter: despite brazil's bitter disappointment, even losing their top star neymar, the tournament itself has been a phenomenal success. it was marked by tense shootouts, late-game heroics and spectacular goals. this header from a player they call the flying dutchman is considered one of the greatest goals in world cup history. and helped knock out the reigni
of early goals left brazil struggling oriole and they never recovered. germany takes on argentina in tomorrow's title game. >>> a sight in cleveland had everyone talking today and it was not king james. a controlled demolition took down the inner belt, bridge in true explosive fashion. for 55 years it carried hundreds of millions of cars across the cuyahoga river. this morning it was gone in half a second. it will be replaced by two new bridges. they should both be up and running in time for lebron's debut this fall. and it is the moon that will be taking on a starring role tonight. a so-called super moon will light up the skies, appearing bigger and celebrator than what we're used to. it happens when the moon orbits closer to earth. if you happen to miss tonight's show, you're in luck. this is the first of three super moons we'll see this summer. >>> up next, 77 years later another amelia earhart is flying into the history books. you know what i love america? fine barbecue, good times and zero heartburn. ♪ and that's why i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartbur
as world cup champions. in less than 24 hours, a face-off in rio de janeiro. t germany comes in with the best record. messi is one-of the tournament's leading scorers. the match is set for tomorrow, 350,000 p.m. eastern, noon out west. meanwhile, not much to cheer about for fans of brazil. their team faces netherlands in the battle for third place. netherlands scored against the host country team, brazil. netherlands never trailed winning 350,000 to nothing, leaving these fans en more disappointed next time. >> nasa launch of the spacecraft has been delayed. the rocket is scheduled to take off sunday from nasa's flight facility in virginia. it is headed to the international space station on a cargo resupply mission. talk about a special anniversary of sorts, on mars, the rover, curiosity, jut celebrated one martian year on the red planet. how did it celebrate? with a selfie, of course. jennifer london reports. >> reporter: is the selfie from space seen around the world. the mars rover curiosity snapped this vanity shot to mark a major milestone: her one martian year annivers
's game easily. bitter for brazil. two straight defeats on its own turf. germany and arjgentina play for the cup tomorrow. >>> an urgent crisis continues on our southern border leaving tens of thousands of immigrant children in limo. in the southwest it is a crush of emotions from anger to exacerbation while in washington it is the usual finger pointing and chest thumping. reform, security, compromise, so many choices. i'm michael smerconish. let's get started. >>> my first headline from the "new york times" and reads immigrant surge rooted in law to curb child trafficking. some of the blame given to a 2008 human trafficking law. it gave greater protections to unaccompanied children coming from this country from noncontiguous nations. is the need to fix as simple as amending the law. my next guest is jeff forten bury. children from central america are treated differently than those from mexico. why? what was the logic of the law? >> first of all, i was very proud to be part of the sponsoring of the victims rights. human trafficking is a modern form of slavery. america must protect vu
there is more friction between our country and one of our strongest european allies, germany, over more allegations of american spying. in an interview on public radio, she said she's hopeful, but doubts the alleged spying will stop any time soon. germany decided to boot our c.i.a. station chief in berlin after reports that we had recruited two germans who worked in defense and intelligence to hand over secret information to us. this latest comes one year after edward snowden revealed those classified documents that showed there was a massive u.s. surveillance program. >>> ukrainian government forces pounding pro-russian rebels holed up in cities near the eastern border today. kiev claiming nearly 1,000 rebels were killed in air strikes. separatists denying such a large loss of troops. the the attack coming hours after revenge was promised. earlier vice president joe biden reaching out to the president there by phone to discuss the situation in eastern ukraine. >>> former police captain accused of killing a former movie goer after an argument during texting, he is now free on bail. a ju
kerry and his counterparts from britain, france and germany will join the talks. >> secretary kerry is coming is to sit down with the iranians and gauge whether they are ready to take some of the really critical choices they're going to have to take here. >> harf said kerry will then advise president barack obama how to proceed. >>> palestinian officials say five days of israeli air raids in the gaza strip have left more than 120 people dead. the israeli military carried out air attacks at more than 60 sites in gaza on saturday. the number of attacks has reached more than 1,100. health officials in gaza say the number of deaths caused by the attacks has risen to 114. -- to 128, about 950 people have been injured. israel says it is not targeting civilians. however, gaza health officials report that civilian casualties continue to rise. more than 200 houses have been destroyed by air raid explosions. they say a facility for the handicapped was bombed on saturday, killing two people. >> translator: there's almost no ordinary life in gaza. people go to prayers, but nobody goes to work.
will have it right here on abc seven. after being embarrassed by germany today, brazil faced the netherlands in the consolation third-place game. a little over 10 minutes later, off the corner, brazil is trying to clear. a chip right there. that's the germany game. blind for the neverland, third-place runner-up goes to the netherlands. clambering over the nationals and the one player going to the all-star game in minneapolis. jordan zimmermann came up with a cramp in his pitching arm last night and has been replaced by henderson alvarez of the marlins. zimmerman will attend but he won't pitch. air is what happened. he threw the pitch, winced in pain and called the trainers. that's never a good sign. he will not be allowed to pitch in the all-star game tuesday in minnesota. the phillies won the game 6-2. the same two teams meet tonight in philadelphia. the yankees were in baltimore. mark teixeira to write. gartner will score. jeter will try to score as well. as of right now, the orioles are losing to the yankees 3-0 in the second inning. histhat lebron has made second decision, the world can
. argentina and germany play for the title tomorrow. brazil the host country wanted to be in the title game. didn't want to be in the third place game and it showed today against the netherlands. they were flat out awful as the host country. how about the netherlands blaine daily right here gets the goal. the netherlands gets the three three-zero win third place at the world cup. >> lebron domino is ready to drop. new york knicks in contract negotiations with carmelo ant nope on a deal that will keep him in a new york knicks unifo uniform. he told both the bulls and rockets carmelo ant nope is off their list. pal go saul signed with the chicago bulls. we said it yesterday. as soon as lebron james signed his deal all the other domino's would start to fall in place and they did. carmelo is going to the knicks. palagi saul to the bulls. chris could be back to miami. we've got a little board here and we'll figure it all out. >> phillies on 7:15 on fox. there's a little fizzle for baseball back here, guys. >> thank you shredder. >> watch the seven news after the game. dangers of the heat can lea
out to the world cup. >> you like germany over ar generality argentina. >> we going out to dinner is it going to be okay? >> yeah it is going to be warm >> yeah it is going to be warm out all the chicken in your grocery store is inspected by the usda... but perdue asked them to go further. they verify that all our chickens are cared for in a clean, safe environment... and fed an all-veggie diet. no other chicken company does this. but at perdue, we believe in a better chicken. well, at perdue, we say you are what you eat...eats. so we feed our chickens an all-veggie diet, including corn and marigolds with no added animal by-products... hormones...or steroids. because at perdue, we believe in a better chicken. >> axelrod: tonight, gaza battleground. conflicting claims on whether a mosque is doubling as a weapons storehouse holly williams has the latest as israel steps up its airstrikes. >> my mom, dad and me. that's it. i'm in a much better place. >> axelrod: the young survivor of the family massacre in houston speaks at a memorial service. vinita nair on the remarkable courage of
to say that most people here in germany are wondering right now if their nation will become world soccer champions in a little more than 24 hours time. they will be facing off against argentina and rio. they will keep this on south american soil. >> they did not slip them on notice. of course it is a tense time. we are looking for it. we are optimistic. we are completely focused on sunday. >> he is doing all he can to keep his players focused. >> we will put everything into it. everything we've got whether it is physical or mental concentration. we will put everything into the thick three. consistently better. now is a chance that we are ready to take it. the tension builds. >> they will be getting the pen out and writing. want to bite history. the first europeans to win the world cup on south american soil. are we likely to see them in action again? >> we saw this before and again. there is been a view key changes. into the right back. that was his usual position. he has moved back from this role. solid. looked much more theermany, there was performance against brazil that was outstandi
with japan and germany after world war ii. we had the marshal plan and gave them jillions of american tax dollars and we said you don't have to pay us back. so everything is the marshal plan mentality to help other countries instead of col onizing or economically col onizing all of these other countries. i think we would be -- we would have better partners, people would like us more and we could really help because people are never going to stop coming to the united states until we can, you know, erase some of these inequitties that we have. >> people who sometimes say emotional things about this issue under estimate how difficult it is to leave your home and everything you know and come here. what you talk about, i think, makes a lot of sense, that a healthier mexico would be a place where more people would be able to stay. but what we do about the 11 million that are already here is a tough domestic debate and a tough policy riddle. how do you solve this in a way that's fair to everybody? >> well, i think nguyen we do what we have always done. it has always been the policy of the united
the top spy chief has been kicked out of germany, are they one of our closest allies? and a welfare stereotype. join me right here at the top of the hour. at humana, we believe if healthcare changes, if frustration and paperwork decrease... the gap begins to close. so let's simplify things. let's close the gap between people and care. that's why i always choose the fastest intern.r slow. the fastest printer. the fastest lunch. turkey club. the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. >>> every day more kids come across the border and every day congress fights about what to do about it. frustration is that grid lock is obvious. >> this is a problem of the president's own making. he has been president for five and a half years. when is he going to take responsibility for something? >> is anyone find ag solution? lindsay jenkins from the u.n. refugee agency. let's start w
britain, france and germany. the decisions to skip the talks could jeopardize their success. >>> president obama is back in d.c. from his trip to texas. while there he did not visit the border or any of the overflowing detention centers but the president is asking for nearly $4 billion from congress in emergency funding to deal with the crisis as tensions rise and border communities forced to deal with an influx of illegal immigrants from central america. molly is live in washington with the latest. molly, do you know the president was going to be able to get congress to sign on to the spending package for the border that he is asking for? >> probably not with $3.7 billion price tag for things like more immigration judges and more detention centers. some republicans say that is too much money to spend without securing the border first. the white house acknowledges the president's spending package faces a tough battle in congress. >> we are open to working with democrats and republicans in congress to get this done. the thing that i would point out, though, is that the president has moved q
. tomorrow, the new worldcup champions will be crowned in brazil. soccer giants arrangentina and germany will faceoff sunday at rio de janeiro where official are beefing up security security. german players arriving last night sinaling autographs and posing for pictures with fans. this will actually be the third time argentina and germany have met in the world cup finals. but before the big game, a decidedly anticontest t 2-nothing in the first half. the two sides. brazilian fans heart broken after last week's trouncing by german and conconflicted about who to root 4 in tomorrow's final. the worldcup organizing body is having to deal with a ticket scandal. the director of the hospitality ticket agency is on the run, accused of running a racket to help resell tickets for the tournament. lucia newman. >> the cocobana pallance as looks like a crime scene and apparently, it is. the security camera footage shows ray whelan, the director of world cup hospitality leaving as police went in to rearrest him. he left an hour ago and he is considered afuge i have been at the moment. his arrest warra
to england, where germany was bombing england and he wrote about the bombing of london. he started to attract more attention around the country. then he went back home. pearl harbor was attacked. the war began. pyle at that moment was in the midst of a personal crisis. his marriage was shot. he was married to a very bright and interesting woman was also highly neurotic and an alcoholic. ernie was having affairs with other women. so, he decided to go back to war, really as more of an escape from his own personal life than because he had any great yearning to become a war correspondent. so, first he went to england. pretty soon after that, and american forces were first engaged in battle on the european side of the war. this was in north africa. ernie went along. he thought he would go for a few weeks and then he thought he would continue a hopscotchey tour around the world. but he quickly realized he had a feeling for writing about the soldiers he was covering. he followed a routine of just visiting army camps, hanging out with soldiers for a few days, then retrieving to a press camp and writi
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germany is getting ready for sunday's world cup final. real reporting that brings you the world. >> this is a pretty dangerous trip. >> security in beirut is tight. >> more reporters. >> they don't have the resources to take the fight to al shabaab. >> more bureaus, more stories. >> this is where the typhoon came ashore. giving you a real global perspective like no other can. >> al jazeera, nairobi. >> on the turkey-syria border. >> venezuela. >> beijing. >> kabul. >> hong kong. >> ukraine. >> the artic. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america. >> time for sport. >> getting ready to go through the ordeal of their first public appearance following their 7-1 defeat by germany in the semifinals. in an hour's time the host nation will be playing one of the stranger international fixtures. brazil taking on the netherlands for the rights to be remembered as the third best team th. coach scalari said that this should not overshadow what the team has done. >> i cannot see how people can only look at the result of just one match. if work is good there
the basic central banking system going on in european countries. but surprisingly, paul warburg from germany said no. i know those banking systems and for the u.s., it will not work. they finally agreed upon a number of points. they thought there should be a federation of banks with pooled reserves. they thought it should be a custodian of the government's funds. they used the name "national reserve association" at this point. they thought it should transact business only for member banks and not anyone else. it should be able to issue new money and discount commercial paper which would give a flexible credit rate, and it should be the principal fiscal agent of the united states. there were other technical issues they did not solve. it is because they thought of this not as a final document ready to go but as a beginning of the discussions. after they got home, aldrich was going to write up a bill to present to congress. he fell ill. frank and warburg and davison met in washington and whipped everything into shape. senator aldrich said because frank was a good writer. there were some feature
that germany thrashed brazil 7-1. a stunning defeat. but the brazilians, a hit, they started to applaud, because they know about when beautiful soccer is being played. and the germans, discomfited that germany scored so many goals. one said, 4-0 would have been enough. >> who are you picki ining in t final? >> germany. >> mary? >> i want germany to win. >> be sure to follow us on twitter. that's it for this week's show. my thanks to my panel. hope to see you right here next week. >>> israel escalates its offensive on hamas. welcome to america's news headquarters. good to see you. >> well, this comes as all 15 members of the united nations security council have come together to
plan for europe tomorrow with the united states, the european union, france, germany, where they're going to be drawing up a truce proposal. the arab league is supposed to meet in europe on monday to meet for the same reason on monday. there are proposals on the table. so a lot of international movement now to stop the fighting, especially before the possibly israeli ground invasion. but the fighting in gaza has been brutal. it's up to about 140 palestinians killed already in the last five days. israeli's continuing its air assault, aiming at what they call the secret tunnels, the homes of militant leaders, the rocket launching sites. and israeli says they're going to continue until the rocket launches stop. so all that international activity building up, trying to stop a ground invasion, stop the fighting. nevertheless, the israeli prime minister netanyahu, who has said he's willing to talk, has also said israeli will not stop its assault until those rockets from gaza stop. t.j.? >> all right, martin fletcher for us in tel aviv. thank you so much for the update. and later this h
. it just shows the lethality of the weapons. thank you. >>> more friction between germany and the united states, as the german chancellor asked the u.s. to stop spying on them. she made the remarks shortly after germany's demand that washington's top spy leave the country. she said she hopes america can change, but she can't predict it. >>> and a cold front begins to push through the region, calling it a cool wave. potentially setting record lows. and damaging winds, tornadoes. the northeast is expected to see some of these conditions tomorrow. >>> and outrage in california, the so-called pillow case rap t rapist's release is causing controversy. >> he arrived midweek near palmdale. about 80 miles north of los angeles. this is him arriving at the property. security guards bringing him to the property there. there was an altercation with the cameraman as this was being filmed. well, the very next day, a group of local women turned up with bull horns, and started shouting and chanting and hazing him. and basically, they said they want to mentally beat him down with words. >> there's no cu
. the first was reunification of germany. he believed that the reunification of germany was necessary in order to keep future stability in europe. having nato in europe allowed americans to also stay in europe. he believed firmly that the only thing that had truly cap the peace was the american president. he pushed hard for reunification on the terms they needed, which was keeping germany in nato. the second one was the gulf war. this strikes me as a moment where we see the end of the cold war. we see two things, first, the soviets coming along with the international community in a way they had never done before, working with britain and france and the united states on a central issue of importance to all of them, the security of the middle east. secondly, this is the one where president bush begins to lay out what the world would look like after the cold war. it is the first time he has been willing to admit that the cold war is over. and then we come to the final point which i will make today which is what the world order came to mean. in many ways, this is a phrase that has been deemed by h
to mend its relationship with germany. that move came after spying allegations sur fashioned involving two german officers were were caught working for the cia. >>> operators at a michigan amupsment park are still trying to figure out what caused the release of a giant chlorine gas cloud at one of its wave pools on friday. h hazmat teams hosed them down at a makeshift decontamination area. >>> good news for crumbs cake lovers. cnbc star marcus lemonis and s another party has agreed to buy the bakeries. he says he plans to diversify and offer customers more than just cupcakes. >>> let's go out in to cleveland. it's a sports story that transcends sports. in fact, in that midwest city, it could help lead a rust belt revival. the story of course is about basketball super star lebron james whose odyssey back to his hometown sparked euphoria in one city and disdain in another. in some corners, there are questions. should he have gone back? joining me now is jason johnson, a professor at a college just outside of cleveland. this morning, you're joining me from atlanta. good to see you as always
and not a single destination. there is also some international examples we can draw on. take germany. they have acted aggressively on its talent strategy. 2000 three, germany faced and on implement rate of 10.3%. well before the great recession. at the time, the german federal employment agency was considered bloated and bureaucratic and the government set out to completely redesign their approach to labor markets. they wanted to move away from legalistic administrative agencies to performance driven organizations. they wanted to focus on meeting up lawyer demand, not just job seeker needs. they want to integrate job seekers into the economy as quickly as they could. their ultimate goal was to become the most effective broker possible between labor supply and demand by bringing together a combination of policy modification, process changes and new technology. within 36 months, germany lowered unemployment by 33%. doubling the number of jobs filled per year. in the last five years, when most of the countries in europe experienced a fiscal volatility of the great recession, germany has had a rela
, germany and when i came back was 10 years i saw an ashtray, buddha ashtray that felt defensive because i knew he was a god. you don't make an ashtray--even at 10 i know you don't do this. our respect for other cultures we learn respect for the people when you read about them and get familiar with them and they don't seem strange and you don't have fear for them when you run into them in a dark street. >> i will direct this question to you. who is responsible for insuring more diverse books in the market place? publishers solely responsible? what about booksellers and wholesalers and distributors? where does market demand play? >> i would say everybody is responsible because everybody is part of the problem. it is such a complex problem that happens on so many levels, publishing houses are staffed primarily by white editors and so the books they are acquiring, you don't believe the diverse book sells so you have booksellers that don't see them and then consumers who can't find the man don't buy them and it is a self perpetuating cycle so i feel the responsibility is shared between everyon
. >> well, cue to the countdown before germany faces off against argentina for the world cup championship. arriving for the match signing autographs and taking pictures with highly anticipating and waiting fans. the world cup organizing body fifa is having to deal with a ticket scandal. the ticket agency is on the run accused of running a racket to help resell tickets for the tournament. we have the story. >> reporter: the copa cabana palace looks like a crime scene, and apparently it is. this security camera footage shows ray wheelen, the director of world cup hospitality tickets, leaving through the hotel service entrance just as police went in to rearrest him. >> he left an hour ago, and he's considered a fugitive at the moment. the arrest warrant has been issued. he's considered a fugitive. >> reporter: wheelen, who was first arrested on monday but police is accused of being the main source of world cup tickets being sold to an algerian national who ran a reticket reselling scene worth $90 million. wheelen's company hired by fifa has denied any wrongdoing. when the world cup began we
to the american public about its truth, no way that really rally the country in the battle mostly against germany and japan. i am looking forward to reading a book, tin cans father-in-law who was a republican governor of virginia. his name is lynn would colton. the father of his wife and his pals and civil rights in virginia as a republican. much more supportive of civil rights than they are today. one last book, really interesting history but my wife gave me for christmas by a professor and still kristine no called strom thurmond america which is an interesting story of race. seven baht to exploit. >> your summer reading list. posted to our facebook page or send us an e-mail. >> this week book tv takes a look at the weekly standard, an online bookshelf. on the shelf this week, the digital revolution. >> what are you reading this summer? >> you know, used to think that i needed to read one book at a time. eventually as i have gotten all that i am reading multiple books at the same time. i have a number of books on my nightstand one of which have almost done with some one of which i am in the midd
to watch the world cup final between germany and argentina. the city is expecting another big crowd. just like the one that showed up for the usa/belgium game last week. in the south bay there will be a viewing party at st. james park in san jose. for today's third-place game between brazil and the netherlands, as well as tomorrow's final. >>> you can watch today's match between the netherlands and brazil at 1:00 p.m. live on our sister network, espn and tomorrow you can watch germany and argentina play in the world cup final live here on abc7 news, our coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. and remember, you can catch the game on the go on your smartphone or tablet with watchabc. >>> much more ahead on abc7 news saturday morning news -- the you unique summer camp in the east bay that helps special teenagers practice their social skills. >>> and high-rise rentals, a major milestone for san jose. how apartment living is fueling the downtown economy. >> announcer: live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >>> welcome back, we're coming up on 8:30 and starting this half hour with a quick
these two spying incidents on germany. that's another thing you address in the book. you're talking in this case about u.s. spies and israeli spies and some tension there is. do we have that kind of spy versus spy tension going on. >> with the germans it's been blown out of proportion. they've seized on what's going on, they call it recruitment. what really happened was this guy walked into our consolidate and said i'll tell you information. we didn't recruit anybody. he got caught because he did the same thing with russia. that's how their intelligence service caught the him. he was selling the information to the russians, of course nobody is screaming about the russians. there is an unique relationship with israel because much--they live with the wolf at the door all the time. we kind of realize that and down play it in the united states. they do spy on us. people say this is unprecedented and the first time the chief of station has been persona non grata. it does happen, and i thought if you want to send a signal. there is no damage done here. there are a lot of people in germany
, the world cup final, tomorrow, germany head-to-head versus argentina coverage begins at 1:00 right here on abc. who are you guys pulling for? >> argentina. >> you actually know a little something about this. >> argentina. messi all the way. >> i follow argentina. >> the brazilians are not going to react well. >> have you heard of messi? do you know who messi is? >> coming up now -- i'm not a huge sports fan. i'm also a huge fan of the weather. let's get it back to meteorologist bill kelly. save me, please. >> all right, you guys. good morning. yeah, i know. good morning to you. good morning, everyone. let me start you out in atlanta where it is a steamy morning out there. this is our live shot from our affiliate, wsb, and i wanted to let you know that if you are going on out this morning, get out and enjoy because it is going to be a hot day today and storms are possible. we're talking about 90 in atlanta. it's going to feel much warmer than that. we have widespread mid-90s and some storms are going to be possible, especially down in florida, as well. but as we look here to the midwest,
. >> the brazil soccer team is trying to rebound from that embarrassing 7-1 loss to germany this past tuesday. they will face the netherlands in the third place match. the coach said they must look forward and accomplish their goal of winning and finishing in third. the world cup final between germany and argentina is set for tomorrow. >> a bay area teacher training as an astronaut. >> the space suit is like a ticket to coolness i hope. >> in 20 minutes the lessons he is bringing back to his students to help them launch into new careers. >> first, an unusual chase in southern california leads police right in to the ocean. how officers were finally able to arrest a man who ran away. ? >>> a man is facing charges after leading police on a chase that ended up with officers dragging him out of the ocean. investigators say witnesses saw the man trying to break-in to a carral will rogers state beach. when police arrived they say the man became aggressive with officers. he then ran across a highway and into the water. police say they teamed up with lifeguards to surround him and drag him out of
friends. tomorrow, germany is facingti e argentina, the biggest sporting competition in the world. let's just say, a lot of people are expected to watch. according to fifa, nearly one-third of the planet up waed at least some world cup patch hads in 2010 and more than a billion saw the final match. >>> number five -- look at this guy. he is -- in some state of euphoria here. everybody's proud to put a jersey on again. cleveland's prodigal son is coming home. lebron james announced yesterday he will once again play for the cavalie cavaliers. he told "sports illustrated" he is returning to the team an older, wiser player and ready to win a championship for cleveland, but he says, that will take time. >>> facing a gris lodlocked congress, president obama vowed to fix as much of the immigration system that he can. the kicker "on my own." >> yeah. on his own. as tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants continue to stream into the u.s., the president headed to texas to talk solutions but did not go all the way to the border, which made a lot of people angry. >> obama wants $3.7 billion t
will be back in san francisco civic center plaza tomorrow to watch the world cup final between germany and argentina. the city is expecting another big crowd, just like the one that showed up for the usa-belgium game last there will be a viewing park in st. james park in san jose for the third place game between brazil and the netherlands, as well as tomorrow's final. you can watch today's match between netherlands and brazil at 1:00 p.m. on our sister network espn and tomorrow you can watch germany and argentina play live. that starts at 10:00 a.m. you can catch the game on the go with your telephone or tablet with watchabc. >> much more ahead on the saturday morning news. out niekro summer camp in the east bay that helped some special teenagers practice their social skills. and high-rice rentals. a major new milestone for san jose. how thank you! thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first. chase. so you can. >> welcome back. here's lisa with an update. >> a retu
agents in germany to spy on the country. and, the german soccer team arrives in rio ahead of the world cup final. >> israel pounded gaza with airstrikes and tanks for a fifth day. more than 920 have been wounded. militants content -- defiant militants continued to fire rockets into israel. diplomatic efforts have had little effect. he sighed insist the other must halt fire first. israel says preparations are underway for a possible ground attack. >> gaza on saturday morning. the israeli army is unrelenting. there attacks continue -- air attacks continue. a mosque was fit and two were killed in a home for disabled people. two girls were killed and several children injured. >> these are benjamin netanyahu's targets, these are children's toys. >> more than half of the 120 people killed so far are civilians, but the israeli government says hamas is playing with the lives of ordinary gazans. bears primary responsibility for civilian casualties in gaza because it is amas that has deliberately embedded itself, setting up terrorist infrastructure and regime in mosques, schools, in the middle o
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